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“The team at Mind The Gap Today are amazing. They have transformed the the lives of two of our most musically talented and committed students by providing them with musical instruments so they can practice at home. Their families could not afford to buy them the instruments but the difference their donation has made is life-changing.”

Louise Knight, Music Dept at Kingsbury School , Warwickshire

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Hi, I’m Eva, Founder of Mind The Gap Today.  In my career I have seen the transformative power of lifelong learning and education, I am therefore delighted to be leading an organisation where my passion, skills and knowledge for people development can be fulfilled.  It is only through education and development that people go on to lead prosperous lives and contribute positively to society and the economy.  

I have held senior People Development roles at The University of Warwick, Co-Operative Energy and National Grid. and my current role is the CEO of Career Seekers Direct Ltd. I am a qualified coach, trainer, a registered member of the Career Development Institute and I am the West Midlands Regional Representative of the CDI. 

My role in Mind The Gap Today, is to set the strategic direction for the company and ensure, along with the other Directors that our vision is achieved.  

I am married with 3 sons and a lively spaniel.  My spare time is spent socialising with my friends, wild swimming or paddle boarding. 

Eva Harrison


James Pink

Director of Development for Pink Connect Ltd

I have been committed to making a difference through business for 50 years, which has led to our company, Pink Connect to sponsor many children both locally and around the world.

Through our work with local Secondary Schools, we identified large gaps between school’s curriculums, the Governments required measurement of attainment, and the preparation of students for the “real world” of work. In Shipston High School , we have ensured all students have their own PC or Laptop, have interview experience and useful guidance on answering for themselves the perennial school leaver question – “What do I want to do”?

This focus on making a difference has literally transformed lives for many children locally, and in the poorest countries and provided thought provoking interaction, inspiration, and real world guidance to students. This is the stuff no one else is working on with them!

In co-creating Mind the Gap Today, my aim is to address the huge gap students face between the school curriculum and what they will need to choose a career path and make their choice a success, as they enter society as young working adults.

I’m an Education post-graduate of University of Warwick with wide-ranging experience including teaching and curriculum development at major examination boards.

As the first member of my family to achieve ‘A’ levels and go to university I’ve experienced first-hand how education empowers and increases people’s prospects. That’s why I worked for 5 years in state secondary schools before moving into curriculum development to ensure relevant courses were available for all ability ranges. I’ve held senior management roles in a Training & Enterprise Council, the National Apprenticeship Service and the Skills Funding Agency working on national programmes including alternative provision for 16-24 year-olds Not in Employment, Education or Training and projects in SEND schools.

Now semi-retired, I’m keen to enable Mind The Gap Today to help many people to develop more rewarding careers and lives.

Glenn Robinson

Freelance Education Adviser

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