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Many young people drop in the gap between education and employment 16. Often, these young people have disengaged with the core curriculum in school years before they leave but are not able to benefit from alternative education and training as schools aren’t funded to provide this. Other young people may be ‘shoe-horned’ into ‘A’ level studies when they would be better suited to an Apprenticeships or other vocational programme.  So we go into schools to deliver alternative, vocational programmes and Careers advice involving local employers wherever possible so students gain insight into the world of work and the skills and personal attributes employers value most.

In 2021, nearly a quarter of all 16-24 year old young people not in education, employment or training were inactive due to being long term or temporarily sickness. This increased from one in ten in 2012.

Here’s an example of an alternative provision workshop our delivery partner, Career Seekers Direct Limited, ran recently:

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