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“When I met the Directors of MTGT I was quite moved by the passion and drive they have to support young people in the areas of careers and skills development. What they are seeking to do, not only benefits the individuals but it benefits the wider society and economy too,” said Neil Batchelor of encode … Read more

Workshops and Training

What skills are going to be needed in the workplace that were not taught in the school curriculum? What are employers going to be looking for in young applicants? Open, two-way conversational sessions, designed to answer these and the many other wide-ranging questions that young people are looking to answer before they continue their education, … Read more


Question… What do you want to do? Few of us knew what we wanted to do when we left school. Mind the Gap provide inspiring, thought provoking sessions addressing the questions around “How do you find out what role would suit, what opportunities are available, what interview skills are critical, what’s self-employment is like… ? … Read more

Two people laughing at desk showing Wellbeing in the workpace


The rise in mental health and wider wellbeing among people of all ages but particularly young people has been well-documented since the start of the Covid pandemic. Much more support is required for young people in education and adults across society and workplaces. So we deliver support including workshops and resources for students and teachers.  … Read more

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Climate Change

More people now ‘get’ climate change and the need to introduce more sustainable practices but there are still gaps in knowledge and many people still have unanswered questions. Schools aren’t funded to provide significant information and development activities. So we deliver support including workshops and resources for students and teachers. We also provide support to … Read more

Education & Employment

Many young people drop in the gap between education and employment 16. Often, these young people have disengaged with the core curriculum in school years before they leave but are not able to benefit from alternative education and training as schools aren’t funded to provide this. Other young people may be ‘shoe-horned’ into ‘A’ level … Read more