Welcome to Mind The Gap TODAY

We’re a new not-for-profit micro company established in 2022.

Its aim is to tackle the many gaps in the funding and provision of services for students of all ages – those services that are key to enabling individuals to develop and prosper.

For example, the funding of interactive workshops in schools promoting discussions with students around “What do I want to do and how do I get to do it?”

The ongoing impact of the Covid pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, limited access to services and the economic recession are just some of the factors bringing major additional pressures and challenges for everyone.

For young people, having the right knowledge and skills develops confidence which then enables them to thrive and adapt during periods of change.

Without this:

  • Individuals lead less fulfilling and purposeful lives and are more vulnerable to change
  • Young people transitioning from education to work are unprepared

This then leads to :

  • reduced contribution by individuals to communities, society and the economy

Mind the Gap Today are committed to supporting individuals through the development and delivery of services to reduce this impact.

Our focus is on these five critical gaps:

Provision of Workshops and Training

Transition from education to work

Advice and information on Careers

Support to improve mental health and wider wellbeing

Awareness of the impact of climate change

How do we make this happen?


The rise in mental health and wider wellbeing among people of all ages but particularly young people has been well-documented since the start of the Covid pandemic.

Climate Change Protest Sign

Climate Change

More people now ‘get’ climate change and the need to introduce more sustainable practices but there are still gaps in knowledge and many people still have unanswered questions.

Education to Employment

Many young people ‘drop in the gap’ between education and employment at 16. Often, these young people have disengaged with the core curriculum in school years before they leave.

Workshops & Training

What skills are going to be needed in the workplace that were not taught in the school curriculum? What are employers going to be looking for in young applicants?


At a time when key decisions have to be made about education, employment and training – many young people do not know the answer to the question ‘What do you want to do when you leave school or college?’ Mind The Gap Today provide inspiring support to help young people to have the knowledge to make decisions on their future with confidence.

Funding our Programmes

How can you help?

To help us bridge gaps we are constantly seeking funding from business, charitable bodies and other sources.

If your organisation has funding ear-marked for social responsibility, education partnerships-working or similar causes we’d love to discuss how we could work with you to address gaps and improve the life chances of specific groups and communities. For example, a donation of £500 would fund a careers workshop for a whole Year Group in a school giving the students the skills, knowledge and confidence they require to transition from school.

To get started, please call Eva on 0345 257 2004 or 07901 517012 or complete our Contact form.

Meet the Mind The Gap Today Directors from L to R…

James Pink, Eva Harrison and Glenn Robinson

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